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Small Team Membership

Leaders have incredible pressures on them to fix whatever is broken and raise it to new heights!

Without a management and productivity system, your team won't run efficiently, resulting in frustrated team members and lower production. The management and productivity Rigging Lab Playbook helps you align your team, have less meetings, and get more done so you can elevate your team's performance. Without a management and productivity system, your team won't run efficiently, resulting in frustrated team members and lower production. 

RLA's Small Team Membership covers concepts and techniques that are perfectly aligned with small rope rescue teams, to shoulder the emergency calls within its jurisdiction.  

You'll have complete confidence in your team and their abilities to rise to the level of the call!

We consider a small team to be 10 members or less
A building block approach is used throughout the RLA platform so that technicians can progress from key concepts through to the rigging and operation of full systems for raising, lowering and highline and offset rescues. Our building block playbook frees your team to build and manage what is critical increasing productivity and efficiency. 
We give you a plan to help you reach your required outcomes with solid and bankable solutions. They include best practices from the early planning stages through deployment of a solution

They include the training, services, and resources that are available to help along the way.

What standards are referenced in Small Team?

NFPA 1006

NFPA 1006, Standard for Technical Rescue Personnel Professional Qualifications, provides complete job performance requirements for fire service and other emergency response personnel to help instill the confidence that you have the knowledge to get the job done safely and efficiently.

NFPA 2500 (1670 revision 2022)

NFPA 1670/2500: Standard on Operations and Training for Technical Search and Rescue Incidents states: “The authority having jurisdiction (AHJ) shall establish levels of operational capability needed to conduct operations at technical search and rescue incidents safely and effectively.”

T - Training

  • Rope Rescue Operations (NFPA 2500/1006)
  • ​Rope Rescue Technician (NFPA 2500/1006)
  • ​Confined Space Rescue Technician (NFPA 2500/1006)
  • ​Tower Rescue Technician (NFPA 2500/1006)
  • ​Industrial Rope Rescue (OSHA/NFPA
  • ​Confined Space Rescue Operations (NFPA 2500/1006)

A - Assessment

  • Authority Having Jurisdiction technical rescue hazard assessments (NFPA 2500)
  • ​Equipment assessments and recommendations (NFPA 2500 / ANSI)
  • ​Technical rescue training plan assessments and recommendations
  • ​Customized confined space hazard assessments and entry permits

C - Competency

  • Annual rescue technician performance assessments (individual and team)
  • ​Continuing education plans, schedules, and support materials
  • ​Customized CE task books
  • ​Electronic-Books
  • ​Video-Books
  • ​Customized Electronic Field Operations Guides (EFOG)
  • ​Customized command and control plans and position assignments
  • ​Customized rigging worksheets and job aids

The Rigging Lab Course Line Up and Course/Level Roadmap

Technician LEVEL 1

The Cornerstone Knowledge Perception
​Gear In Use 1-7
​Knots Craft
​Force Multipliers
​Mechanical Advantage Theory
​Edge Safety in Search and Rescue
​Conversations in Rigging
​Belay Systems
​Litter Operations
​Midwall Pickoffs
​Personal Skills and Climber Rescue
​Elements of Rigging

Technician LEVEL 2

A Guide to AHD and TTRS
​Introduction to TTRS and AHDs
​SAR Advanced High Directional Skill Sets
​The Vortex Guidebook
​Advanced Rigging Physics 1 - Vectors & Mechanical Advantage
​Advanced Rigging Physics 2 - Equipment
​Advanced Rigging Physics 3 - Friction
​Mainline Systems
​Elevated Anchor Systems
​Rigging Physics II
​Traditional and Removable Bolt Replacements
​Cave Rescue - Small Party Rescue

Technician LEVEL 3

Horizontal Rigging 
​Gin Poles/Monopods
​Confined Space Rescue 1 - Awareness
​Confined Space Rescue 2 - Operations
​Confined Space Rescue 3 - Technicians
​Tower Rescue Technician
​Tower Rescue for Emergency Responders
​Tower Rescue for Tower Workers

How About A Few Course Trailers?

Vortex Guidebook

Advanced Rigging Physics: VMA

Elements of Rigging

Horizontal Rigging

Confined Space Rescue

Tower Rescue for Tower Workers

Rope Access

Small Team 

Rigging Physics II

Intro to Two Tension RS & AHD

Tower Rescue for Emerg. Respdr

A Guide to AHDs and TTRS

RLA Small Team Membership

Designing a purpose-driven rope rescue training program is fraught with short-term and long-term challenges. RLA's Small Team Membership guides your organization with a plan and legacy for the future.

Team members are on the same page and know where everything is going... no surprises

1. Join The Academy

A simple and understandable success path significantly reduces risk and confusion, which automatically increases team unity, cohesion, and effectiveness.

2. Set The Future

Set the vision and create a legacy-driven training culture that pushes past individuals into a precision team-based operation.

3. Set The Legacy 

People head toward a vision that sets a future of inspiration, unity, and motivation. A positive training culture will provide opportunities for advancement and a legacy for the next generation.
  • The Masters Roadmap Success Path System
  • 10 Student Members
  • Two Group Analyst Administration
  • ​​Unlimited Courses
  • ​Assessments and Recommendations
  • ​Advisement 
  • ​Member Pricing on Field and Live Training
  • Certification of Completion Certificates
  • Team Member Discussion Groups
  • ​Sub Group Training Programs
  • ​​1:1 Quarterly Advisory Zoom Calls
  • ​Field Guides and E/V Books
  • ​Consulting
  • ​Member Pricing on Custom Projects

Talk on "Small Team Rescue"

•"Utilizing different rigging techniques and mindsets will serve a small team well… “do more more with less” or better said 'aim small, miss small'."

•"Understanding rigging nuance, as it pertains to the 'steep to vertical realm' is critical to a small technical rope rescue team."

•"Balancing, vectors forces, necessary redundancy within a system, high points, mechanical advantage and gear/terrain assessments all play into 'hitting the mark'."

•"It doesn’t matter whether a team’s responsibility is urban or wilderness, desert or forested, vertical or steep… anything can become 'wild and scenic'!" 

•"A small team can consist of a little as 4 members to around 10, depending on the terrain and technical requirement of the evolution…" 

"You guys are very important to the rescue responders.
 Thanks again!"

  Theo B


Identify Your Leadership

Advance Your Team

Masters Roadmap Success Path

Unify Your Team

The byproduct of a well oiled machine!

"We had no idea we could achieve so much with so few"
George ~ Team Leader & STM Member


  • Industrial Safety Professionals
  • Administrators
  • Fire Departments
  • ​Law Enforcement
  • ​Military Units
  • ​Tactical
  • High Angle Rope Rescue Teams
  • Entertainment Riggers
  • ​Search and Rescue Teams
  • ​Tower Rescue Professionals
  • ​Confined Space Rescue Teams
  • ​​​Urban and Industrial Rescue

Confined Space Rescue


  • Recognize a Confined Space Incident
  • Recognize Confined Space Hazards
  • Confined Space Rescue Tactics & Incident Management
  • ​Follow & Perform a Non-Entry Rescue Plan 1 (patient has a lifeline attached)
  • ​Follow & Perform a Non-Entry Rescue Plan 2 (patient does not lifeline attached)


  • Tactical Considerations
  • Horizontal Rigging
  • Monitor Bump & Calibration
  • ​CSR Haul Systems for Vertical Rescue
  • Controlled Descent Devices & Incline Mechanical Advantage System in Confined Spaces
  • ​Patient Packaging
  • ​Portable Anchors
  • ​​Self Contained Breath Apparatus (SCBA)


  • Patient Packaging in the Yates Spec Pak
  • Supplied Air and Communications
  • ​​CSR Entry
  • ​Complex Rigging Systems: Reeving Systems
  • ​Complex Rigging Systems: Skate Blocks
  • ​Other Rigging Systems



"Sure, there are a ton of courses out there for confined space principles, how to do a hole watch, how to monitor, etc. — but just how relevant is this material to a confined space rescuer? When should we build a tripod reeve? What kind of precautions should we take around a patient when getting them out of a space?

 "When do we decide to pull back, regroup, and call this a recovery?"

"Thanks for talking clearly and going over all the details!"

  Stephen L 

"Training material is excellent, videos bring it all together!
Thank you!!"

 Brent A

"This is not your standard text book learning. This is a thinking group that is not into the status quo. Think smarter, make it better, challenge your team."

 Robert L


Like all great journeys, the process begins to unfold when key elements have been introduced, acknowledged, and digested. Our greatest leaders never started to be great leaders; instead, they began to do "great work." 

Following a Success Path significantly increases
 team unit, cohesion and effectiveness by 70%!

  • Huge increase in Motivation
  • Elevated Engagement
  • Team Confidence
  • ​Safety within the Training Environment
  • ​​No more Wasted Budgets and Resources
  • ​Clarity of scope, expectation and deliverables
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"Since joining the Rigging Lab Academy, I've been using the videos many times to keep me updated...
...on the systems being used,
... and new methods of rigging. 
Buy these courses, as it standardizes the systems for all to be using the same techniques;
 Especially, if you have different departments on the same rescue/Fire/Police/Paramedics.

- Gordon Ward "Gordo". Ottawa Police, Canada
"Easy to understand with some nice technical tips...
... C
oncise information which is adaptable to a variety of circumstances and which will provide training and education in not only the physical processes of rescue, but the underlying dynamics of rescue systems and teams."

- Andrew Humphreys

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