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Insufficient Training in Rope Rescue

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Specific Problems with Rope Rescue Training Today

1. Quality of training

2. Limited Training

3. Outdated Training

Elevate Your Rope Rescue Readiness with the Rigging Lab App 
Rigging Lab Academy offers a training program that blends online and practical learning, accessible through a mobile app for convenience. The courses are frequently updated with new techniques and foster a supportive learning community, ensuring rope rescue professionals are well-equipped for real-world challenges.

Challenges Rescue Teams Face

1. Environmental and Terrain Challenges
2. Dynamic and Unpredictable Scenarios
3. Equipment Reliability and Functionality

Solutions to these Challenges

"In rope rescue, we tackle ever-changing environments, scenarios, and equipment reliability. Our solution: rigorous training for adaptability, real-time decision-making, and unwavering equipment maintenance. Together, we ensure success and safety in every rescue mission."  Lance Piatt

Courses LEVEL 1

The Cornerstone Knowledge & Perception
The Art of Rope Rescue Coaching
​Gear In Use 1-8
​Knots Craft
​Anchors & Anchor Systems
​Force Multipliers
​Mechanical Advantage Theory
​Edge Safety in Search and Rescue
​Conversations in Rigging
​Belay Systems
​Litter Operations
​Midwall Pickoffs
​Personal Skills and Climber Rescue
​Elements of Rigging

Courses LEVEL 2

A Guide to AHD and TTRS
​Introduction to TTRS and AHDs
​SAR Advanced High Directional Skill Sets
​The Vortex Guidebook
​Advanced Rigging Physics 1 Vectors & MA
​Advanced Rigging Physics 2 - Equipment
​Advanced Rigging Physics 3 - Friction
​Mainline Systems
​Elevated Anchor Systems
​Cave Rescue - Small Party Rescue Rope
Fitness for Technical Rope Rescue Techs
NFPA 2500

Courses LEVEL 3

Horizontal Rigging 
​Gin Poles/Monopods
​Confined Space Rescue 1 - Awareness
​Confined Space Rescue 2 - Operations
​Confined Space Rescue 3 - Technicians
​Tower Rescue Technician
​Tower Rescue for Emergency Responders
​Tower Rescue for Tower Workers

• Access for 25 Students
• Group Analyst Administration
• ​​Unlimited Courses

• Team Member Discussion Group
• ​Field Guides and E/V Books
• ​Rescue Response Gear Specials

Rigging Lab TEAM 

Enhance Field Performance through Focused Online Training for Practical Skills

1. Subscribe to TEAM

2. Execute the Plan

3. Expand Perspectives

"In the realm of technical rope rescue, there is no other offering that provides such a comprehensive package of optimization for both individual technicians and entire teams." - Joseph Elm

Testimonies from"TEAM members"

"Integrating vision and mission statements into our SOPs was a game-changer! Now, it's a critical action point, seamlessly woven into our daily operations."

" Adopting diverse rigging techniques and mindsets has empowered our team to 'do more with less.' It's a strategic approach that enhances efficiency and effectiveness."

"In the 'steep to vertical realm,' understanding rigging nuances is paramount for a technical rope rescue team. It's a critical aspect that shapes our precision and safety measures."


  • Industrial Safety Professionals
  • Administrators
  • Fire Departments
  • ​Law Enforcement
  • ​Military Units
  • ​Tactical
  • High Angle Rope Rescue Teams
  • Entertainment Riggers
  • ​Search and Rescue Teams
  • ​Tower Rescue Professionals
  • ​Confined Space Rescue Teams
  • ​​​Urban and Industrial Rescue


"So... if you have challenges within leadership (scope, vision, mission ect..) or technical skill set training... the tools and framework are here before you.  So let's do it! " 
- Lance Piatt

Following a Success Path significantly increases
 team unit, cohesion and effectiveness by 70%!

  • Huge increase in Motivation
  • Elevated Engagement
  • Team Confidence
  • ​Safety within the Training Environment
  • ​​No more Wasted Budgets and Resources
  • ​Clarity of scope, expectation and deliverables
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