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Rigging Lab Team Membership

On-Demand Rescue and Rigging Training Solutions - Awareness Operations Technician

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•Education provides structure.

•Experience puts knowledge into practice.

•Learning is a lifelong process!

Education + Experience = Learning!

"Committed to safety and professionalism , I joined the Rigging Lab to help increase my rope rescue and rigging skills. Not only did my rigging skills improve, but my confidence also soared as it increased my rigging knowledge, it also helped me to become a more confident and capable leader – it was one of the best decisions I ever made! "
John Rowl-RLA Team Member

Proper tools ensure clarity and engagement so you can sit in the seat of confidence!

  • The Masters Roadmap Success Path
  • Access for 10 Students
  • Group Analyst Administration (a key element)
  • ​​Unlimited Courses
  • ​Assessments and Recommendations
  • Certification of Completion Certificates
  • Team Member Discussion Groups
  • ​Field Guides and E/V Books
  • ​Membership Pricing on Custom Projects
  • ​Member Pricing on Field and Live Training Events

Here is the Full Course Library... and always building more!

Courses LEVEL 1

The Cornerstone Knowledge & Perception
​Gear In Use 1-7
​Knots Craft
​Force Multipliers
​Mechanical Advantage Theory
​Edge Safety in Search and Rescue
​Conversations in Rigging
​Belay Systems
​Litter Operations
​Midwall Pickoffs
​Personal Skills and Climber Rescue
​Elements of Rigging

Courses LEVEL 2

A Guide to AHD and TTRS
​Introduction to TTRS and AHDs
​SAR Advanced High Directional Skill Sets
​The Vortex Guidebook
​Advanced Rigging Physics 1 Vectors & MA
​Advanced Rigging Physics 2 - Equipment
​Advanced Rigging Physics 3 - Friction
​Mainline Systems
​Elevated Anchor Systems
​Rigging Physics II
​Traditional and Removable Bolt Replacements
​Cave Rescue - Small Party Rescue Rope

Courses LEVEL 3

Horizontal Rigging 
​Gin Poles/Monopods
​Confined Space Rescue 1 - Awareness
​Confined Space Rescue 2 - Operations
​Confined Space Rescue 3 - Technicians
​Tower Rescue Technician
​Tower Rescue for Emergency Responders
​Tower Rescue for Tower Workers

Thoughts from"TEAM members"

•"Never had we considered building vision and mission statements within our SOPs!  Now, it is so integrated into what we do it is a critical action point for us".

•"Utilizing different rigging techniques and mindsets will serve any team well… “do more more with less”.

•"Understanding rigging nuance, as it pertains to the 'steep to vertical realm' is critical to a technical rope rescue team."

•"Balancing, vectors forces, necessary redundancy within a system, high points, mechanical advantage and gear/terrain assessments all play into 'hitting the mark'."

•"It doesn’t matter whether a team’s responsibility is urban or wilderness, desert or forested, vertical or steep… anything can become 'wild and scenic'!" 

•"A small team can consist of a little as 4 members to around 10, depending on the terrain and technical requirement of the evolution…" 

•"Leadership is the crux of everything.  If we don't have it, it all goes to sh#t and there is no fixing it"


  • Industrial Safety Professionals
  • Administrators
  • Fire Departments
  • ​Law Enforcement
  • ​Military Units
  • ​Tactical
  • High Angle Rope Rescue Teams
  • Entertainment Riggers
  • ​Search and Rescue Teams
  • ​Tower Rescue Professionals
  • ​Confined Space Rescue Teams
  • ​​​Urban and Industrial Rescue


"So... if you have challenges within leadership (scope, vision, mission ect..) or technical skill set training... the tools and framework are here before you.  So let's do it! " 
- Lance Piatt

Following a Success Path significantly increases
 team unit, cohesion and effectiveness by 70%!

  • Huge increase in Motivation
  • Elevated Engagement
  • Team Confidence
  • ​Safety within the Training Environment
  • ​​No more Wasted Budgets and Resources
  • ​Clarity of scope, expectation and deliverables
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"Since joining the Rigging Lab Academy, I've been using the videos many times to keep me updated...
...on the systems being used,
... and new methods of rigging. 
Buy these courses, as it standardizes the systems for all to be using the same techniques;
 Especially, if you have different departments on the same rescue/Fire/Police/Paramedics.

- Gordon Ward "Gordo". Ottawa Police, Canada
"Easy to understand with some nice technical tips...
... C
oncise information which is adaptable to a variety of circumstances and which will provide training and education in not only the physical processes of rescue, but the underlying dynamics of rescue systems and teams."

- Andrew Humphreys

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